The Pavilion on Lakeland Farm


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your reception package?

The flat fee includes access to designated areas of the Lakeland Farm Home and Pavilion and the surrounding property. No guests, caterers or staff are permitted under any circumstances to be in the secured areas of the estate home unless otherwise authorized.

Do you offer an open bar?

Your bar is to be provided through the chosen approved caterer. We prefer and encourage a limited bar of beer and wine. Bar selections are permitted with the appropriate ABC license from the caterer, which we monitor. All beverage service is handled through the approved caterers and no “shots” of liquor are permitted during any event. While tips are allowed tip jars should not be visible. Lakeland Farm adheres to Virginia ABC Liquor Laws and will monitor serving of alcohol to guests only over the age of 21. Guests should bring proper identification. If there is any doubt of age by the bartender, the guest will be asked for I.D. If no I.D. is provided, alcohol will be withheld. We require that the bar close ½ hour prior to the close of your event with a “last call” 15 minutes prior to the close of the bar.

Are we responsible for set-up/clean-up?

Setup and take down of tables and chairs for the ceremony and reception are handled by Pavilion staff. Tabletop setup and cleanup is handled by your caterer.

Do you include valet parking, do we need them and is there a cost for this?

Parking will be in areas designated by Lakeland Farm. For events over 100 people, two parking attendants will be provided at no cost to the client. If desired, Lakeland Farm will provide valet service for an additional fee. 

What is the cancellation policy?

The deposit is non-refundable. If cancellation is received with less than 6 months notice the remaining balance must be paid as well.

Are restrooms available?

There are adequate rest rooms available for the bride and bridesmaids on the second floor adjacent to the bridal dressing room. All other rest rooms are provided on the first floor.

Can we post signs to direct wedding traffic to the venue?

It is illegal in Orange County to post signs not on one’s own private property. Any signs posted on county property (i.e. medians) are removed by county police immediately. Signs on neighboring properties are removed by those neighbors. The entrance to Lakeland Farm is clearly marked and parking signs will be provided.

Do you have any on-premise accommodations?

There is one house provided for overnight or weekend stays. We are within one mile of a national hotel chain and we can provide referrals to other nearby accommodations and hotels.

When do I need to give a headcount?

Two (2) weeks prior to the event. A checklist of items and details of your event will be requested by the Events Staff in order to properly prepare for your day. Maximum guest count is 250.

Are we able to take photos at other areas?

No guests other than the bridal party are allowed around the estate home at any time as this is a designated private area.

Can we use an iPod for our reception?

We highly recommend that you hire a professional DJ or band. While we do not have a preferred vendors list you may look at our local resources page for ideas.

Are there any black out dates?

The first Saturday in November is not available due to the Montpelier Races in Orange County. Otherwise, we operate year-round.

Are you covered by insurance in case of an accident?

Lakeland Farm is insured for its own liability; insurance for the event is also required to be carried by the Lessee. You can obtain this information from your homeowners agent or apply at

Will there be another wedding on-site the same day?

No, it is your wedding day.

Is there a designated smoking area for my guests?

No smoking will be permitted inside any building or tent. If requested an outdoor area for smoking will be designated by Lakeland Farm and receptacles will be provided.

Are we allowed to use buses?

Buses are encouraged, but are not required. Specific needs of your event can be detailed with your approved event planner.

Do I need to make an appointment to meet with someone there or can I just show up?

Lakeland Farm is not open to the public, therefore we require an appointment. Contact us at 540.748.0325 or email.

Do you require a wedding planner?

To ensure smooth communications between Lakeland Farm and the Lessee, as well as an organized and memorable event, we strongly recommend a professional wedding planner. Although we will have staff on-site during your event, they are responsible for the venue only (restrooms, power, parking, etc.) and do not act as event planners/wedding directors.

Is catering done on premise or can we hire our own caterer?

A licensed and insured caterer is required. While we do not have preferred vendors, you can look at our Local Resources page for ideas.

Can you give me an estimated cost for my catering or the entire wedding?

With respect to your personality, personal wishes, family traditions and customs, we do not take a “cookie cutter” approach to any event. The costs associated to your wedding should always be determined by your budget. Your wedding planner can help you with this.

What, if any decorations are provided?

We have a limited array of seasonal decor that you may use.

What decorating can be done to the space?

Flowers, candles and specialty lighting are all allowed. You are permitted to have candles as long as they are in an approved and enclosed container (no open tapers). We do not allow nailing, stapling, taping, or anything to be applied that will cause damage to the walls/poles of a tent, trees, or any buildings. You can see some examples in our photo gallery.

Do you include valet parking, do we need them and is there a cost for this?

Parking will be in areas designated by Lakeland Farm. For events over 100 people, two parking attendants will be provided at no cost to the client. If desired, Lakeland Farm will provide valet service for an additional fee.

Are tents included in the price or do they cost extra?

All tenting must be added as needed per event. Tent rentals are exclusive to Gibson Rentals and a pricing list is available.

Are changing rooms provided?

There are dressing rooms and/or changing rooms available for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen separately. These are not available until the start time of your contract.

Are there rooms for baby sitting?

The guest house is available if necessary. You must provide adequate supervision determined by the number of children.

What is the typical timing of an event?

The property will be available to you and your vendors within the time frame of your contract. It is recommended that your ceremony commence no later than 6 pm due to time constraints and county laws and regulations.

Can we have a rehearsal for our ceremony?

You will be allowed a time the day prior to your event, and this time is limited to one hour and must be completed no later than 6 pm. The time may not be confirmed until 3 months prior to your event pending another booking for that day. Please make these arrangements through Lakeland Farm at 540.748.0325 or email.

Are dogs permitted for my ceremony?

If you would like your pet to be available for a few photos or for the ceremony only, he/she must remain outside on a leash. Pets are not to be left unattended throughout the evening (i.e. tied to a post). It is best to have a friend drive the pet out for a few pictures and bring it back to your house. OR, call a local boarding establishment where they will drive the pet out and back to their facility for boarding for the evening.

*Service dogs are permitted with a permit.

May I come in earlier than 12:00 pm?

If you have booked the entire day you can come in at 9 am.

How late are we able to play music at the reception?

Music must cease by 11:00 pm. We reserve the right to request that music volume be lowered as necessary to conform to Orange County Rules & Regulations.

What can be used as an exit for the bride and groom?

You are limited to bird seed, bubbles, real rose petals, or sparklers. Sparklers must be lit outside only (not under a tent) and you must provide receptacles with sand or water for disposal. If sparklers or other items are thrown on the ground, they must be retrieved. Sparklers must also be limited to 18-20” long.

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